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Our Approach

Red In Circle Association works directly with the community and we focus our efforts to implement and adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice in Lebanon.


What We Do

  • Intervening to reduce poverty and destitution crisis and contributing in satisfying the basic needs of individuals (food, Hospitalization, education‚Ķ) through productive projects, donations and grants, creating a spirit of commitment among the members of the community In Lebanon and abroad and activating the cooperative concept in order to revive common life until they reach the stage of self-sufficiency.
  • Helping individuals especially children and women to get all their rights.
  • Rehabilitating and training young people on the concepts and techniques of volunteer work, assuming responsibilities, developing their abilities and skills and spreading the idea of exchanging and cooperating in the fields of social work.
  • Training the workers in the social field.
  • Ensuring medical examination and treating sick and needy people in health and social centers.
  • Sheltering and caring for the elderly and providing them with social and health care programs.
  • Contributing in the relief of people affected by public disasters and participating in developing frameworks to reduce these disasters.
  • Implementing and supporting developmental, agricultural, artisanal, and industrial programs and projects in rural and deprived areas which ensure economic return and self-sufficiency for individuals and assisting in the sale of the products of these projects and programs.
  • Spreading citizenship culture, infusing moral values and respecting human rights.
  • Working in order to protect natural resources and preserving the environment and the national heritage.
  • Partnership, contracting and linking cooperation relationship and bonds of friendship, exchanging experience with international organizations, various associations, public institutions, national and interventional bodies within and outside the country, which seeks to achieve the same goals and is non-profit.

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