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About us

Red In Circle Association

We are a non-governmental organization which believes in social equality and the wellbeing of every Lebanese citizen, especially during the financial crisis we’re currently facing combined with the Covid-19 pandemic threat and lockdown which caused over 40% of our society to fall below poverty lines in most cities and rural areas.

We aim to have a Lebanese Society where every person has access to decent health services, education and opportunity. 

We believe that our society cannot face those challenges and move forward while almost half of its population are starved and unable to get proper education, which is why we’ve made it our mission to provide regular food packages and educational funds to those who need it.

We depend on your generous donations and our collective / organized efforts to make a difference and help as many people in need as possible, we follow a strict transparency policy with our donors, volunteers and beneficiaries equally.


Our Current Progress







  • Maya Zaghrini


    Lawyer and legal consultant and adviser with 10 years experience in legal research. Member of the human rights committee of the bar Association in Beirut. Member of the executive board in the National Commission for Lebanese Women. Member of the Arab team to observe the general elections from gender perspective.

  • Tony Nassar

    Vice President

    Journalist since 1986. Worked at several TV and radio stations in Lebanon and Dubai. Currently the Editorial Secretary at Radio Free Lebanon and the morning show presenter. Promotion department at LBCI TV.

  • Rita Haddad

    Project Development Manager

    MBA in Monitoring and Management of Sustainable Tourism at the University of Cagliari – Italy. Masters in Social Development and Economy and a bachelor in Education from the Lebanese University. 10 years of experience in NGOs.